Energy Code Affirmations – I Am Strong

I’m strong. I’ve always been strong. My immune system is strong and capable. I can see how what I’m feeling is my body doing its job. I can see that. I can feel it, and I know the scary thoughts that I’m having are probably not true. They’re definitely not true. I know. It’s likely that what I’m feeling, these sensations aren’t a sign of something bad.

They’re a sign of something good. I know. It’s likely we’ll all be safe. I know my body is strong so I can relax now. Relax, take a breath.

I can let my shoulders drop and two, letting go.

I can give up the things I can’t control or I can get them up to the source that knows everything. I know the source can guide me through this and know the source and guide me. Through the sources strong and that’s why I am strong because I am from the source. I am the source. Remember that I am the source and I am strong.

My immune system is strong, my body is strong, my mind is strong. Stand up and be strong.

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